Abandoned malls

55932430_420754525325267_60560963018948608_nThe malls are open Monday to Saturday, 10-20/18. There are many stores in the malls, and less people to see. Still, they have the stores open, uses lightnings, power and time to keep doing this. Internet shopping is something that are becoming more regular. The reason for this is because we find items on the internet that are more interesting then the items you find in the stores. Instead of using the malls that we have here today, we order things online and ship them to our house. Ordering online are so much easier for us, because we do not physically have to go out at buy something.

Ordering online, including shipping is a consequence for the world. With all the cars, boats and plains transporting things, it lets out so much CO2. It destroys the earth that we are living on. With the big focus on the environment we have today, no one seems to think that buying items online is a cause for global warming. It may not seem as a big problem, but every single thing we stop doing that harms the environment can actually make world a better place.



The movie Spotlight is about a group of journalists from The Boston Globe, who are researching a problem who has been in Boston for many decades. Sexually abuse on children by priests.  The journalist wants to bring this issue to the public, but there is a conflict. There are about 90 priests in just Boston, and even more victims. Almost everyone in Boston are Catholics, so they need to have a lot of information about this case. There are so many people that need to be convinced that this is going on, and the whole film are about how the journalists are solving this case, and when they are going to publish this. That is what I think is the main conflict in the movie.spotlight

Something I have never thought of is how the journalists are working. I thought it was a normal 7-4 job, but they are working on this case all the time. They must be so careful on what information they are using, because it could be so wrong and possibly destroy someone’s life. And seeing how emotionally committed all the journalists got in the case in the movie, is something I have not thought about. It must be so difficult to separate your own life and work when you get so emotionally committed to a case. Working as a journalist with difficult cases is something I have so much respect for, because you must have a strong mental health to have a work like that. That is something the movie Spotlight showed me.

The kite runner- book or film?

Many books you read nowadays are made movies to. Sometimes the movie is as good as expected, and something you will think that the book is so much better. A reason for that is because in the books you get the ability to know detailed what people are thinking or feeling. That makes the reader more known to the persons in the stories, and more interested to know what happens. The kite runner has been made as a movie and a film. Even though it is the same incidents it is described and showed a little bit different, so people think. Is it always like this with movies?

I have read the book of “The kite runner”, and I have also watched the movie many times. When I read the book, I got so connected with the main character Amir. In the book he explained what he was thinking, feeling and why he was doing the things he was doing. When I watched the movie, it was kind of confusing because the beginning of the movie was a bit different from the book. I feel that because the director of the film wanted to get so much of the book right in the film, it all happened so fast and you didn’t get to connect with the people. Connecting with the characters are an important thing for me to really like something. In the movie they got a lot of the themes from the book, but i missed the parts where Amir was thinking about his mother, and when people told him about his mother. i think that if it was in the movie, then we could have connected with Amir so much better.


The director of the movie succeeded in a good way, because he got all of the important scenes into the movie and he found characters that looked like the description in the book. The one thing I would prefer to be in the movie, is to get to know the characters a bit more in the movie. Overall the book and the film had a lot in common, but I would rather prefer the book. I think that books are better then the films, because I get to connect with the characters and create a relationship with them in some sort of way.

Kite Runner- the characters

The character in this book is very different, but they all have a connection. You have the rich family, the servants who are their own family, and some friends of the rich family. Everyone of them have different aspects on everything. Baba is a rich father, and a successful businessman. No one believed he could do so good in business, he just wanted to show them wrong, and now he is one of the richest in his country.kite runner

He has a sweet boy named Amir. He likes to read and finds his ability to write his own stories. He always feels the pressure from his father to be more athletic, more like a son that he wants. Amir thinks that he is a burden to his father and wants to make him happy, because he thinks his father blame him for killing his princess (Amir’s mother). Amir’s mother died giving birth. Baba wants everyone to know him as a strong man, but he is struggling because his boy Amir is a little more feminine then he wants him to be. Rahim Khan is Baba’s business friend, and he is nice to Amir. He is understanding about Amir’s passion and gave him a leather notebook for Amir’s birthday and he really likes his stories as well. I feel that Rahim are the father Amir never had. For me, Baba is very cold and determined, Amir is very gentle and sweet and Rahim is more welcoming and kind.

Ali is Baba’s childhood friend, and they got raised together because Ali’s parents died. He lives in Baba’s backyard with his son Hassan. Hassan and Amir grew up together, got fed from the same breast when they were younger. They always do things together. I feel Hassan is being kind of bullied by Amir, because he does not know how to read or anything. Hassan wants to learn, but Amir teach him wrong because he does not want him to make him smarter. Hassan and Ali do everything to make Baba and Amir happy, because they get to live there.  I feel bad for Hassan, because he can not make a better life for himself, and he treat everyone so good and they treat him like he is nothing. I think he got that from his father Ali, because Ali has just adjusted to being treated like an animal.


Democracy is something that people usually do not have. There are countries were they were on the way to get democracy, but are still struggling. Freedom, the right to speak and the right for people to know what is really going on with their government is something that is still a problem in several countries. The government we have may not be as good as we thin, because they could be hiding a dark secret. That is probably one of the reasons the journalists are being killed. In 2018 there were over 30 journalists being killed, because they were trying to get the news about what is really going on in this world.

The story I really wanted to talk about, is the story of Musa Abdul Kareem. He was a man living in Libya. Musa liked to help people, especially the poor ones. He was always giving back to the community, even raised money to help the poor. He was kidnapped and killed. No one believed that he died, and everyone was horrified by his death. My thought on this is that the ones that has control over the country would do anything when someone is getting to close to the truth about what is really going on. I think it is not fair to kill someone because they want people to know about what is really going on in their country. I think we need the journalists so we can know the truth about what is going on in this world.



The Brick Lane

The movie “The Brick Lane” is a very strong movie, and it really makes you realize what kind of society we are living in. most of the world are living in a multicultural society. Nasneen who is the main character in the movie lives a hard life. She is surrounded by many different people, religions and beliefs. For her, it is a problem to live with everyone else when she is forced to do something she doesn’t want to.
For example, she arrives in London to be married away to an older man. She gets two daughters and one boy who later died. She is living this life and does know anything better. Eventually she goes outside the house to arrive to a meeting, and because of this she gets to experience what everyone thinks and means. She realizes that this is something she wants to change, because it is not right. Because of the multicultural society, she realizes that her tradition is wrong, and she wants to live more like a normal person without her believes. Because of the multicultural society, she chose to get more away from her cultural traditions, because she automatically blended in to the rest of the community.
When you live in a multicultural society, you feel like you have to blend in with the others. If you wear different clothes then the other persons, then you feel like you are discriminated by other people. The problem with multicultural society is that we live with each other, but we does not embrace our differences we have. We often just try to blend in , so all if us can be one group and that is something that is not positive. We need to embrace our different cultures and religions.

International day

The International Day this year was about Palestinian youth, and everything they went through. At the school, it was arranged for us to meet many people who has been through what the Palestinian are going through. There were persons with a strong story to tell us, and they gave us a new view on what was going on down there. They showed us some drastic photos and really made an impact on us.

The one story that really made me realize what they are going through are the teenage girl’s story. I went through the hallway looking for a place to go, and I went in to a classroom where I saw someone familiar. It was a girl I remembered well. I remembered her from my childhood, and the times I used to play with her and her brother. I just thought that she and her brothers was born in Norway, but apparently not. The story she told, made a huge impact on me, because she is so kind and the thought of her going through something like that was just horrific. It was really hard hearing about these things because i knew her as a sweet kid, but she has been through so much and it is horrific.

Seeing what some people are going through are just horrible. I knew that there was a lot of problems in the world but seeing some of the people telling us about their story, and the teenagers that was just children when this happened are horrible. I could never imagen going through this. The International day is a day I will never forget.