Democracy is something that people usually do not have. There are countries were they were on the way to get democracy, but are still struggling. Freedom, the right to speak and the right for people to know what is really going on with their government is something that is still a problem in several countries. The government we have may not be as good as we thin, because they could be hiding a dark secret. That is probably one of the reasons the journalists are being killed. In 2018 there were over 30 journalists being killed, because they were trying to get the news about what is really going on in this world.

The story I really wanted to talk about, is the story of Musa Abdul Kareem. He was a man living in Libya. Musa liked to help people, especially the poor ones. He was always giving back to the community, even raised money to help the poor. He was kidnapped and killed. No one believed that he died, and everyone was horrified by his death. My thought on this is that the ones that has control over the country would do anything when someone is getting to close to the truth about what is really going on. I think it is not fair to kill someone because they want people to know about what is really going on in their country. I think we need the journalists so we can know the truth about what is going on in this world.



The Brick Lane

The movie “The Brick Lane” is a very strong movie, and it really makes you realize what kind of society we are living in. most of the world are living in a multicultural society. Nasneen who is the main character in the movie lives a hard life. She is surrounded by many different people, religions and beliefs. For her, it is a problem to live with everyone else when she is forced to do something she doesn’t want to.
For example, she arrives in London to be married away to an older man. She gets two daughters and one boy who later died. She is living this life and does know anything better. Eventually she goes outside the house to arrive to a meeting, and because of this she gets to experience what everyone thinks and means. She realizes that this is something she wants to change, because it is not right. Because of the multicultural society, she realizes that her tradition is wrong, and she wants to live more like a normal person without her believes. Because of the multicultural society, she chose to get more away from her cultural traditions, because she automatically blended in to the rest of the community.
When you live in a multicultural society, you feel like you have to blend in with the others. If you wear different clothes then the other persons, then you feel like you are discriminated by other people. The problem with multicultural society is that we live with each other, but we does not embrace our differences we have. We often just try to blend in , so all if us can be one group and that is something that is not positive. We need to embrace our different cultures and religions.

International day

The International Day this year was about Palestinian youth, and everything they went through. At the school, it was arranged for us to meet many people who has been through what the Palestinian are going through. There were persons with a strong story to tell us, and they gave us a new view on what was going on down there. They showed us some drastic photos and really made an impact on us.

The one story that really made me realize what they are going through are the teenage girl’s story. I went through the hallway looking for a place to go, and I went in to a classroom where I saw someone familiar. It was a girl I remembered well. I remembered her from my childhood, and the times I used to play with her and her brother. I just thought that she and her brothers was born in Norway, but apparently not. The story she told, made a huge impact on me, because she is so kind and the thought of her going through something like that was just horrific. It was really hard hearing about these things because i knew her as a sweet kid, but she has been through so much and it is horrific.

Seeing what some people are going through are just horrible. I knew that there was a lot of problems in the world but seeing some of the people telling us about their story, and the teenagers that was just children when this happened are horrible. I could never imagen going through this. The International day is a day I will never forget.

Girl Rising

The movie is directed by Richard Robbins. Girl Rising is a revolutionary film that follows the life stories of girls from the developing world, and they struggle every day for freedom, education and to be heard. This movie makes you realize the things you should be grateful for. The movie put you in a perspective, so you will see how it is like to be the different girl in the movie. I have never seen such a powerful movie before.  girl rising

The story that really made the greatest impression on me, was eleven-year-old Ruksana. She lived on the streets of Kolkata, India. She has 2 sisters, a mother and a father. Her mother and father did not have permanent jobs, but they still wanted everyone of the girls to go to school. When Ruksana started painting in her notebooks her father bought her colour markers and a sketch book, so she could use her creativity as well. She thought she was one of the luckiest girls in the world, but despite this she experienced horrible things as well. She would get harassed by street gangs and her family’s house got torn down by the police. Her family never gave up, and they sent the girls to school even when they had no job. The ability Ruksana has to find hope and positivity in her drawings, are just incredible. She is a true inspiration, for being so strong.

After watching the movie Girl Rising, the phrase: “One girl with courage is a revolution” meant something for me. All the girls in the movie had a lot of courage, and they have gone through so much.  This phrase implies that if a girl has enough courage to get through everything this world can offer, then she can really make some differences in this world in a short time. That is because she is smart, and she has the courage to do the things that are making a better world. The girls are so much smarter than what we really think, and if they could get out of the slavery, the sexual abuse than they could really make the world a better place.

Tgirl rising 2he girls in the movie live under horrible circumstances but somehow, they do not see themselves as victims. When I watched them movie, I can sympathize with the girls and the family. I can understand everything they are going through, but I have never been through anything like the things that these girls in the movie. That is why I can not empathize with the girls are because I can not imagine being in those situations. Just the fact of being a slave or being sexual abused, are both two things that are so horrible I can not even imagine going through it.

Many people are aware of the situations around the world, but there are some people who are not familiar with the problem that girls are going through just to get education. The people that are not familiar with this subject, will get a lot of strong information. I think people will resonate most strongly with all the information they get about what the women and girls are going through. We get a lot of information about rape and school for girls in a developing country. Most of the sexual abuse are rape of minor girls, and the most disgusting incident was when several men raped an eight years old girl and one of them was a policeman. When everyone was done, the policemen cleaned al her clothes so there would be no evidence. Things like this really makes you hate the humanity. When you watch this movie you really get a broad perspective on how girls in developing countries are living, and I think that will make people resonate.


Quality education and Gender equality

Quality education is something that gives everyone the opportunity to get the education they want. Everyone gets to develop their own skills and interests, and in that way they can improve the society. Gender equality is an important human right, and it makes a peaceful and sustainable world. There are many women who reports to the police about physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner.

The reason why these two goals are intertwined is because they both basically are about the same problem. Goal 4 is about education to the girls in this world, and goal 5 is about gender equality. To have gender equality the women need to get the same opportunity at education as the men, and that is the same as goal number 4. Goal number 4 and 5 are very similar, but goal number 5 is about everything in this world that are different between men and women, like violence, work and education.

From the short story “Chinasa” by Nigerian author Chimamanda, you really get a perspective on how much the quality education and gender equality affect a women’s life. The story is about a girl helping another girl after a bombing has happened. They get to know each other, and the little girl has no education and doesn’t know how to read either. The older girl taught her how to read, so the little girl will get far in her life. When the time goes, the old girl finds out that the little girl has become a woman and taught many girls to read, has got a lot of scholarship and she was now married with three children. The little girl became an appointed minister.

The short story “Chinasa” shows us that it is better if we give the same education to both genders and have gender equality, because it makes the society much better and connected.

These two goals are very similar, and there are many ways to solve a problem. What I would do to achieve these two goals are to, is to create attention to the women in this world and we need to provide the women with what we have so they will get the same equality as others. To widen the awareness, I would like for more people to watch a documentary or write a short story, so it will affect everyone and people can discuss this subject.


The short story “Chinasa”

The importance of water


Water is important for everything in the world. Everything that lives on this world can’t live without water. Water can cause a lot of the global challenges we have in this world. The loss of water causes drought and forest fires. One problem that is connected to the lack of water is women’s empowerment. In Africa and Asia, they walk an average of six kilometers every day to collect enough water for their family’s survival. The one’s who collects the water are mostly women or girls. The girls often think about education when they must walk to get water, because they have to use the time that they are supposed to go to school, to collect all of the water the family needs. The girls drop out of school when they hit puberty because the school doesn’t have toilets. The family relies on the girls to get water for the whole family and because of the toilet problem at schools, and that makes it hard for the women to get the education they really want to. The water is a resource that we use to avoid diseases and death. When people don’t have the possibility to use water, many people get diseased and that causes more people to die.


The text “Thirst” by Max Andrew Dubinsky made me realize that water is so much more important then what I really think. For me it just made me think about what people go through without water, and based on the facts there are many people that are affected by this.


-Text “Thirst”

-Text: Global Challenge: The Importance of Water

By Tom Arne Skretteberg

The sustainable development goals


We have 17 sustainable goals in the world. All of them are just as important. The one who are interesting is development goal number 8, “promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all”. Almost everyone has a job, but some people can’t escape poverty despite of the work they have because the country could have a low economic growth. Some humans live of about 2USD a day. Unemployment among youth 13 percent in 2014 (aged 15 to 24) were nearly three times higher than the rate for adults.

The thing we need to do here are to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. What we need to do is to employ people because we have a lot of free jobs, and make the job environment better, and we need to focus on the youth. the problem with the youth is that some of the mare struggling to find what they really want to work with or educate as. That’s a problem we can work with. We need to provide the youth the best opportunity to transition to a decent job. We need them to find some interests and we can guide them to get an education and make the environment good for them, so they want to work and develop. Another thing we can do is to take care of the youth before they are going out in the world and become grown. We need to make sure that the school have a good environment for them to work in, and we need them to have a god physical and mental health.



The other goal I think is the most important thing to me is goal number three, “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The reason we have this goal is because it’s important to building prosperous societies. Although all of us get health care, inequalities in health care access persist. More than six million children still die before their fifth birthday each year, and only half of all women in developing regions have access to the health care they need. We have spent a lot of money trying to decrease the number of people carrying deceases.

What we all can do to accomplish this goals are to make attention to all the children that are dying at an early age, and all the women who doesn’t get the best health care and basically just try to make it better for them.