The importance of water


Water is important for everything in the world. Everything that lives on this world can’t live without water. Water can cause a lot of the global challenges we have in this world. The loss of water causes drought and forest fires. One problem that is connected to the lack of water is women’s empowerment. In Africa and Asia, they walk an average of six kilometers every day to collect enough water for their family’s survival. The one’s who collects the water are mostly women or girls. The girls often think about education when they must walk to get water, because they have to use the time that they are supposed to go to school, to collect all of the water the family needs. The girls drop out of school when they hit puberty because the school doesn’t have toilets. The family relies on the girls to get water for the whole family and because of the toilet problem at schools, and that makes it hard for the women to get the education they really want to. The water is a resource that we use to avoid diseases and death. When people don’t have the possibility to use water, many people get diseased and that causes more people to die.


The text “Thirst” by Max Andrew Dubinsky made me realize that water is so much more important then what I really think. For me it just made me think about what people go through without water, and based on the facts there are many people that are affected by this.


-Text “Thirst”

-Text: Global Challenge: The Importance of Water

By Tom Arne Skretteberg

The sustainable development goals


We have 17 sustainable goals in the world. All of them are just as important. The one who are interesting is development goal number 8, “promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all”. Almost everyone has a job, but some people can’t escape poverty despite of the work they have because the country could have a low economic growth. Some humans live of about 2USD a day. Unemployment among youth 13 percent in 2014 (aged 15 to 24) were nearly three times higher than the rate for adults.

The thing we need to do here are to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth, employment and decent work for all. What we need to do is to employ people because we have a lot of free jobs, and make the job environment better, and we need to focus on the youth. the problem with the youth is that some of the mare struggling to find what they really want to work with or educate as. That’s a problem we can work with. We need to provide the youth the best opportunity to transition to a decent job. We need them to find some interests and we can guide them to get an education and make the environment good for them, so they want to work and develop. Another thing we can do is to take care of the youth before they are going out in the world and become grown. We need to make sure that the school have a good environment for them to work in, and we need them to have a god physical and mental health.



The other goal I think is the most important thing to me is goal number three, “ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages. The reason we have this goal is because it’s important to building prosperous societies. Although all of us get health care, inequalities in health care access persist. More than six million children still die before their fifth birthday each year, and only half of all women in developing regions have access to the health care they need. We have spent a lot of money trying to decrease the number of people carrying deceases.

What we all can do to accomplish this goals are to make attention to all the children that are dying at an early age, and all the women who doesn’t get the best health care and basically just try to make it better for them.